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    Don't Get Caught!

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    Shark nets offer swimmers a sense of security at beaches. But there are many casualties, with 76% of animals caught non-targeted.

    Journey of a Shark Fin

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    Indonesia is the world's largest shark catching nation. Tanjung Luar is home to one of the main fisheries, where shark finning occurs daily.

    To Cull or Not To Cull?

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    In 2014 the Western Australian Government approved a 3 month shark cull. Past culls, and this one, show they don't deliver results.

    If a dog attacks someone we kill it...

    dog shark attacks

    A precedent has been set where animals are killed after a human fatality. Reasoning for killing dogs and sharks differs.

    This is What I Think I See

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    Why do shark attacks always make the front page? Other animals bear responsibility for more human fatalities and they never makes the news.

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    Especially those supporting the protection of sharks, whether it be through the establishment of marine protected areas, the banning of shark fin and shark products for sale, consumption or as cargo, and public outcry over shark culls and use of shark nets. 


    Sharks are often presented in the media as man-eaters. Yet there are over 400 species of shark, many of which you don’t know about. Each have a different personality like dog breeds, and all have an important role to play. Learn and inspire others to love these misunderstood creatures. 

    shark fin soup


    Up to 75 million sharks are killed every year for shark fin soup. Other shark parts can end up in many products you ingest. Shark cartilage and oil are commonly used in energy drink powders and “fish” oil supplements, their meat can be sold as flake and their teeth as souvenirs.


    Fishing practices can be detrimental to the marine environment, through habitat destruction and the catch of non-targeted species. Choose products that partake in the shark safe certification program or seafood that is given a green light in your national sustainable seafood guide. 


    Once you have snorkelled or dived with a shark, your perception of them will change. Dive with those you fear; tigers, great whites and hammerheads. Be amazed at their grace, understand them a little better, and demonstrate they are more valuable alive (through tourism) than the once off payment from a shark fin. 


    Some are lobbying governments to implement shark product regulations, like Fin Free. Others help shark populations recover by releasing rehabilitated  sharks back into the environment, like Bali Sharks. Education is an important tool for introducing people to sharks and dispelling fear, like Shark Guardian or Shark Savers.  

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    Don't Let the Fear of Sharks

    For some, the fear of sharks prevents them from diving in to explore the beauty of the ocean, its other inhabitants and the unique experiences that can be had.

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    This is What I Think I See

    Sharks are portrayed by the media to be man-eaters and human-hunters. Yet, with fewer than 20 fatalities globally every year, most incidents are a case of mistaken identity.  

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    The Sixth Extinction

    One to five species naturally become extinct each year. Scientists estimate we’re currently losing 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate.

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    Plastic is Forever

    There are more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. It is thought there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.